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Buddha means "Awakened", the fully Enlightened One, a compassionate being of loving kindness. The Buddha discovered the path to liberation, becoming an extraordinary man of unique characteristics. He attained the supreme state of perfection, realizing the eternal bliss of Nirvana, a source of inspiration to all.

Buddha Crystal Pyramid

BUDDHA represents our connection to the divinity in all living things, through complete transformation of body and mind. Seated in meditation posture on a lotus throne, the symbol of purity, he is the embodiment of perfect wisdom, limitless compassion and enlightenment. Positioned within the pyramid of sacred geometry is Tibetan Black Quartz, a strongly centered energy that passes into the body creating multidimensional cellular regeneration. Adding Carnelian, stabilizing stones of high energy and abundance, assisting the soul journey, has great protective powers.

$145 USD

Quan Yin Crystal Pyramid

QUAN YIN the simplicity of this enlightened being combined with Moonstone embodying the Goddess of Compassion and all this set in a magnifying crystal pyramid. Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energies that integrate with her all consuming, unwavering loving compassion, helping us to cultivate deep within ourselves, a more compassionate and loving sense of service to all fellow beings.

$145 USD