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Drunvalo Melchizidek, well known for sacred geometry, explains in his latest book how the indigenous Kogi tribe in the mountains of Columbia, gave him this direct experience. "This is literally a space in the heart, an actual physical opening. Then, inside of that is another space, a smaller one, a tiny space inside. It's usually only maybe four to six feet around and the vibration goes up about an octave when you step into that space. That vibration can be used once you've felt it and you know what it is. You can use that vibration to find the space very quickly."

Watermelon Crystal Pyramid

WATERMELON is a 'Living in the Heart' pyramid created by combining a beautiful shade of Green Calcite drawing abundance and the passionate pink of Rhodonite, the heart-centered 'stone of love.' Adding a soft soothing Rose Quartz Heart to comfort and heal in the center of the pyramid, together they all produce higher octaves of this energy. It helps organize and ground our emotions so that they become more orderly, calms and feeds the soul through the heart in love and service. It balances the male-female energies, aligns our physical and etheric bodies to maintain good health.

$125 USD

Rhodochrosite Crystal Pyramid

RHODOCHROSITE is known as a very loving and high energy stone, having many wonderful attributes. As the energy is infiltrated into the aura, a spiritualizing process begins to occur whereby the higher energies of the upper chakras are stimulated and directed into the lower centers. It represents selfless love and compassion, while expanding consciousness and integrating spiritual with material energies. The stone of love and balance, excellent as a healer to the heart chakra, lifting ones mood and bringing lightness into our lives, even looking at it is calming and peaceful. It allows one to face the truth about oneself and others with loving awareness.

$135 USD

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Pyramid

PINK TOURMALINE is one of the most intense and beautiful stones available on the earth today. The geometric design consists of parallel linear lines and a reason Tourmaline possesses so much power. The highly charged electrical current that moves rapidly along the lines will increase one's own radiance as it vibrates the heart chakra and immediately transforms denser vibrations into positive currents of energy. The vibrant pink of Tourmaline is the giver of love in the material realm, its very presence creates joy and enthusiasm for life.

$145 USD