Chrysocolla is found in shades of blue and green resembling Turquoise and communicates the message of wholeness to the body. It alleviates personal fears and guilt, making you feel more comfortable expressing Truth through the power of the spoken word. It is known for it's beneficial healing properties for the throat and lungs. It eases nervous tension, the organs of the digestive tract, arthritis and other diseases of the bones. Helps combine creative ideas with new practical applications and is a good stone to keep in your workplace for it's balancing effect.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an extraordinarily beautiful royal blue colour mottled with gold Pyrite or white Calcite and is one of the power stones of the ages. A great stone for attaining enlightenment and can be used to excellent advantage during any form of meditation exercises. It can increase psychic abilities and open the Third Eye by penetrating through subconscious blockages and assisting one to develop the stability and power of mind through which the soul force can function. Lapis also has an energizing effect on the Throat Chakra which stimulates the thyroid gland mechanism to act on the blood and metabolism as it boosts the immune system.


Fluorite is associated with the Third Eye and is one of the most powerful New Age stones. Known as the Genius Stone it creates new pathways for the advancement of the mind, teaching us to be multi-dimensional, how to stay attuned to spirit while functioning on the physical plane. The pyramid form of Fluorite is for meditation to channel cosmic energy into our physical bodies that can be utilized in our daily life. It is a cleanser that grounds excess energies and calms the nervous system. It can be used in treating certain types of mental illness and disturbances in brain wave frequencies by increasing the electrical charge.


CARNELIAN is the red-orange gem stone of the earth, a symbol of the strength and beauty of our planet. It is in tune with the energies of the earth and helps us to feel anchored and comfortable with our surroundings. It can teach us how to carve a unique place in life and how to utilize personal power in the physical world. Carnelian strongly influences the reproductive organs and is a good purifier for both the liver and the blood, excellent for lower back trouble. It stimulates a deeper appreciation for the beauty and gifts of the earth, always strengthening creativity and often bringing prosperity.


Sodalite is a deep blue stone that clears the mind so that it can function properly. It's powers are amplified within the pyramid when utilized in conjunction with the more powerful clear quartz crystals. Sodalite encourages objectivity and new perspectives in the process of removing old mental patterns, while easing subconscious fears and guilt. This is a good stone for those oversensitive and reactive for it stabilizes the mental powers and brings harmony that releases understanding. The white lines and flecks in Sodalite symbolize the spiritual light that comes with a balanced mind.